Positive Attitude

While watching a program on the History Channel the other day, I heard these words of wisdom - People think of danger out in the woods as snakes, wild hogs, bears, falling, etc - these are dangers, but a real danger is a person's attitude, if you go on a hike with a negative attitude, the hike is doomed! I always hike with a positive attitude! I'm always aware of what is going on around me, but the main thing is the hike and enjoying every minute of it. So the moral of this entry is, don't worry - enjoy the hike and the great outdoors! One other thing, a friend told me the other day that her brother-in-law got two broken legs -- while loading groceries into his car in a parking lot. It seems a little old lady hit the gas instead of the brake and ran right into him. Now where is the most dangerous area - a trail or a parking lot?

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