Seminole Ranch Hiking

This WMA (Wildlife Management Area) covers 6000 acres, from just above RT50 North up to the ST Johns River. It borders the Orlando Wetlands at one point. The Florida Trail winds through a major section of it. In the section near RT50 you will have the option to take the Florida Trail (orange blazed trail) or branch out a little, following a white blazed trail. The area is bordered on the East side by the St Johns River and on the West side by pastures. This means that you can pretty much go were ever you want without getting lost. As I’ve mentioned, if you wish to stay on the blazed trails, they are normally in fine shape. Many of the water crossings have bridges (I counted 7) created by the local hiking group. The grounds can be wet during the wet season, so be aware of that. Most of the trails below Wheeler Road have tree cover, so you are protected from the Florida Sun. Once at Wheeler Road most of the areas North are wide open. The road leading up to Orange Mound can be pretty with views of the St Johns River. I have hiked all the trails, as well exploring the complete area. I enjoy getting out near the St Johns River during the dry season. If you look hard you will find trails blazed by the local cattle population. These beasts might look pretty big and intimating, but my experience is that they don’t want anything to do with you. There is a small building on Wheeler Road that is a nice place to stop and take a break. It is there to be used during the hunting season for hunter monitoring. I suggest that you review my hunting calendar (Hunting Schedule) to see if any hunting is scheduled in the area. If you elect to enter the area during the hunting season (I’ve done it), please wear some bright clothing. If you are quiet, I’m sure you will see a wide variety of wildlife. I personally have seen all kind of songbirds, owls, deer, wading birds and a few reptiles.

Here are the coords for some of the places in the area; you can use Google Earth to “fly-to” them if you want to get an aerial view.
  • RT50 Parking Area – N28 32.429 W80 59.280
  • Wheeler Road Parking Area – N28 32.670 W80 59.019
  • Wheeler Road Access Gate - N28 34.158 W80 59.648
  • Hunter Monitor Station – N28 34.151 W80 59.404
  • Orange Mound - N28 35.900 W080 58.223
  • White Trail Start – N28 32.498 W80 59.059
  • White Trail End - N28 32.987 W80 59.066
  • Picnic Table On Orange Trail – N28 32.670 W80 59.019

You can see many of the pictures I've taken at Seminole Ranch WMA at - Seminole Ranch Panoramio Pictures

In conclusion, I highly recommend this hiking area. I have as I’ve said, been all over the place, enjoying every minute of the visit. I have created a couple of hikes I’ve taken and posted to the Internet - you can see them at WIKILOC Hikes - just look for Seminole Ranch in list.

Some of my wandering in Seminole Ranch area (click to enlarge)

Florida WMA Map (click to enlarge)

Small dam why up above Orlando Wetlands

Area of ranch near the St. Johns River

Hunters checkin station - you can stop here and take a break

Gate from parking area on Wheeler Road

Trail and small bridge

Bridge over small creek

Trail in the woods

Pasture on west side of ranch

Picnic table/rest area along the Florida Trail

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