Wickham Park in Melbourne - Hiking etc

Right in the center of Melbourne is Wickham Park. It provides a number of different areas for people to enjoy. I personally like the small wooded section on the east side, but I have also walked around the open scrub section quite a bit. The main usage area is the area around the paved road that runs through about half the park.

Wickham Park has a number of different attractions
· Swimming allowed pond
· Multiple other ponds
· Multiple picnic areas
· Multiple restrooms
· Large children’s playground
· Dog park
· Archery section
· Sidewalk and picnic pavilion section
· Soccer field
· Senior center
· Disk golf course
· Amphitheater
· Marked bike trail
· Marked hiking trails
· Multiple GEOCaches
· Equestrian center
· Variety of wildlife and birds
· Variety of wildflowers
· Youth camp
· Camping/RV section

On any given day you will see a large number of people enjoying any of the things I’ve mentioned. As I mentioned, most all of the activity is concentrated in the southern section of the park. If you just want to get away from the crowds, try wandering around the scrub and wooded sections. The only problems I have encountered while out there is the litter left by inconsiderate people. I am afraid that the county will sooner or later consume all the scrub area for use on what it considers more favorable things. I’m sure that if the gopher tortoises had a say in the development, they would stand behind me and say "enough is enough"!

I have created a couple of hikes I’ve taken and posted to the Internet - you can see them at WIKILOC Hikes - just look for Wickham Park in list.

Note: Click on picture to enlarge As you can see from this picture I have covered a fair amount of Wickham Park

The locals are unhappy with the development also

"Buddy" trees in the park

One of the Scrub Jays I spotted

Some local flowers

Trail marker

I hope this fellow I spotted on a trail is not someday a meal or kill thrill for the feral cats which are quite prolific in the park. While walking and exploring I have seen feeder stations for these cats - I also have seen people driving up and feeding them. I certainly don't want to alienate those people, but don't they realize how cats love to hunt and kill things. I can only imagine how many baby (and adult) squirrels, rabbits, scrub jays and other birds are being hunted and killed by those cats.

One final note, please "take nothing but photos and leave nothing but footprints"! This is just one bag of the many bags of litter I have picked up along the trails during my visits to the park.

These made it to the recycle bin, so that is a good thing!


Unknown said...

Thanks for all the great info, and even more, thanks for helping get rid of the trash others leave. I usually have a bag or two for picking up things that do not belong along a trail...

Efeather said...

This is a wonderful resource. I am using the trails of Wickham Park several times a week and have observed many of the activities, plants and wildlife you have included. I agree wholeheartedly about the loss of scrub. That loss continues, and discussions with officials have left me feeling that nothing will be done to reverse the trend.
Heather E

Tom Choma said...

I'm sure that Commissioner Wickham who wanted Wickham Park to be a place where nature and openness could be found in the center of Melbourne is turning over in his grave when he sees what the power politicians of today have done to his beloved dream! Each and every day it becomes less of a natural park and more of an example of how sprawl is consuming everything natural in Florida! I have been lucky enough to have enjoyed much of it before each building and structure appeared to destroy the quiet and tranquility which was the dream of Commissioner Wickham, very sad indeed!

Tom Choma said...

Sadly, Wickham park is no longer the wonderful park that Joe Wickham created. It already has been consumed to much by the City of Melbourne and the powers to be! Look at my photos, go to the park, I challenge you to find 1/10 of what I have seen and captured in photos....so very, very sad!