FWC Hunting Activity Calendar

Note: Hunting Season 2022-23 now available - updated 7-31-22

I have created an online calendar showing the hunting dates for many of the areas I have documented. Using the Google Calendar function and the FWC hunting brochures, I have facilitated a means for hikers to verify that the area they are considering to visit is free from hunting activity. Most all areas are open to all activities at the same time, but as a normal rule I elect to avoid areas during hunting activities. It is not a good feeling to disrupt a hunter who has been waiting for that special target all day. I have run across hunters a few times and in all case they were very nice people, they respected me and I feel the hiker should respect them. Always be aware of poachers, they concern me more than hunters. If you see any law violators or suspicious activities, contact your nearest Commission Regional Office or call 1-888-404-FWCC. You may qualify for a cash reward from the Wildlife Alert Reward Association.

These FWC areas are covered in the calendar (you can view my write-ups about some them using the “Website Directory” on the right or by returning to the home page)
• Buck Lake WMA
• Bull Creek WMA
• Charles H. Bronson State Forest
• Fort Drum WMA
• Little Big Econ WMA
• Prairie Lakes Unit/Three Lakes WMA
• Salt Lake WMA
• Seminole Ranch WMA
• Three Lakes WMA
• TM-Goodwin-SGA
• Tosohatchee WMA
• Triple-N Ranch WMA
• St Johns River Marsh

Here is the actual calendar you can use now (select month - click on day) –

You can also view the calendar by clicking FWC Hunting Information or anytime by going to www.tinyurl.com/techunt Once at the calendar, you can move or scroll around the dates. You can view the information by day, week, month or agenda. To insure a pleasurable day on the trail, I highly recommend you check this calendar before venturing out to an area.

If you wish to view the complete Florida Wildlife Commissions (FWC) brochures, they are available at https://ocean.floridamarine.org/HGMSearch/Search.aspx or Click Here

I have checked the data a number of times to insure that I have entered everything correctly. If you find a problem, please let me know.

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