Favorite Spots - Hiking Areas

Many people have asked me where my favorite spots to go are. My number one area is the St Johns River where ever I can get to it. I have been to many parts of it from RT46 to down below RT192. I have hiked in from Canaveral Marshes up off RT50, Tosohatchee WMA (many spots) and River Lakes Conservation Area in Viera. When the water is low, the views are just beautiful. I also have been lucky enough to be taken on boat trips with friends. There are a lot of gators in the river, so kayaking just isn't that appealing. The Cypress trees which are found along the river are beautiful in their own right.

As far as other areas to hike, I really enjoy these; hiking a pretty fair portion of each -
Tosohatchee WMA - loads of trails and areas to explore
Tosohatchee South - Nice blazed trails, plus much areas to explore
Moccasin Island Tract/River Lakes Conservation Area - right near Melbourne and again loads of areas to explore
Canaveral Marshes - Some very pretty areas to explore, some marked trails
Charles H. Bronson State Forest - Massive amount of areas to hike
Seminole Ranch - Nice blazed trails in woods

You can find many of my hikes (trail hikes, not exploring) at WIKILOC Hiking Etc

Some other places I have hiked and enjoyed -
Bull Creek WMA
Three Lakes WMA
Buck Lake WMA
Salt Lake WMA Seminole Ranch WMA
Prairie Lakes Unit
Triple-N Ranch
Forever Ranch
South Lakes Conservation Area
Hal Scott Preserve
Seminole Ranch Consevation Area
Mills Creek Woodland
Beachside Sanctuaries
Grant Flatwoods Sanctuary
Chuluota Winderness Area
Orlando Wetlands

Details on any of these places can be found using Google.

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mike said...

wow, a lot i never heard of. Chuluota Wilderness Area isn't even on Google maps. i live just south of there, will check it out someday. thanks for all the info.