Tosohatchee South Hiking - Off RT520

This section of the Tosohatchee WMA is completely separated from the main Tosohatchee WMA area by RT520, thus it is commonly referred to as "Tosohatchee South". It can be a little hard to find the entrance the first time you elect to visit the trails. There is a gate on the south side of RT520 that you must open, enter the parking area and then close after you. You will see the Tosohatchee Wildlife Management sign in the parking area so you know you are in the right spot. There is no fee for using this area. Once into the parking area, you will have the option of entering the loop trail from one side or the other. One section of the trail is mainly road so I normally take that direction to start the loop - that would be the road to the right of the Tosohatchee sign.

Trail and other information
This section will take you along the trails starting at the white blazed trail/road. As you walk down the road you will see quite a variety of trees and flowers. If you look to the left you should be able to see the remnants of some cattle dipping tanks. You will come to a point where the white trail will turn to the left. I suggest that at this point you take the road to the right out to the fence for a little exploring. Work your way down the fence line into the woods. You will enter a section of the area that is a very nice cypress swamp. If the water is low you can get down close to Taylor Creek You might be able to get across Taylor Creek into a primitive camping area when the water is very low. Just be careful as it can get pretty muddy back there. Work your way back to the fence and them back to the white trail. The white trail will now enter a very nice oak hammock area. You will come upon another trail on the right leading to another section of Taylor Creek. Take a look around that area, then work your way back to the white trail. You can take the road to the right down to a nice pond area of Taylor Creek. Depending on the water level you will see a different scene at each visit. Exploring around this area can be very nice. When done in that area, work you way back to the white trail and head north on the wooded section of the trail. This trail provides you with views of the many different ecosystems that make up the area. This trail will take you back to the parking lot. I have hiked this area a number of times, discovering new spots each time. The variety of wildflowers and mushrooms has been quite extensive. You cannot get lost in this section of Tosohatchee because roads, fences or water surrounds it.
If you are into venturing off blazed trails, you can attempt to cross Taylor creek and wander around that area of the this WMA. At times Taylor Creek is quite dry and passable. The Florida trail use to run through this area. You can see remnants of the old campsite at N28 21.061 W80 54.711. The day we visited the campsite, we crossed Taylor Creek at N28 21.317 W80 54.640

The loop hike can be viewed/downloaded at - WIKILOC Hike

These GPS Coords which can be used in "Fly To" area of Google Earth -
  • Gate/Parking Area - N28 22.421 W80 54.273
  • Fence Line - N28 21.587 W80 54.714
  • Cypress Area - N28 21.332 W80 54.625
  • Primitive Campsite - N28 21.050 W80 54.693
  • Trail Crossings - N28 21.501 W80 54.298
  • Taylor Creek Trail End - N28 21.380 W80 54.464
  • Small Pond - N28 21.361 W80 54.161

Loop trail map and some of the "exploring" -

Looking at Gate From Parking Area -

Tososhatchee WMA Parking Area Sign -

White Trail Road/Trail South From Parking Area -

Fence Line -

White Trail Into Oak Hammock -

End of Trail Sign at Taylor Creek -

Small Pond Covered With Water Hyacinths -

One of the Water Hyacinths -

White Trail View -

White Trail View -

"Buddy" Mushrooms -

Colorful Mushroom -


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the blog and the info on this trail - looking to visit Orlando soon and get the quintessential Florida sunrise/spanish moss/cypress tree photo.

Uncle Vig said...

Awesome blog Tom, I think you have the most comprehensive info available for nature hikers in Florida. You have saved me a lot of time and effort and I'm able to get to the places that interest us now.
Thank you for sharing all of your mileage, pretty darn impressive I must say.i just bought a little etrex GPS, now I need to learn how to combine it with Google earth so I can add my photos and kind of follow in your footsteps so to speak.

Tom Choma said...

Hi - thanks for letting me know that my blog has helped you. Google has changed their way of posting photos to Google Earth, in doing so removed all the photos I had posted to show people what was out there. They have a new system which forces people to be more in their grasp, thus I have elected to boycott it. Anyone who feels comfortable with the new rules, please go ahead and post your photos.

Erin said...

Hi Tom, I ran across your website while looking for information about local hiking trails and have learned a lot. Thank you for collecting so much good information in one place.

I have hiked here several times but did not know about the pond, and am looking forward to exploring there next time. Thanks again!

Tom Choma said...

Hi Erin - Always happy to hear my web entries have helped people. There is actually quite a few interesting places just in this section of Tosohatchee. Once upon a time the Florida Trail use to cut through this area - use to be a bridge which crossed Taylor Creek. If your not into to GEOCaching, it is a fun family thing to do, plus it brings you into areas which you maybe never knew about. As I tell everyone, get a handheld GPS unit (Etrex 22 is a good start - Etrex 10 is just not worth it). A lot of people use their phone, but I just don't trust them in the woods! If I can be of any help, just ask ... take care and happy trails, Tom