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Welcome To My Website
=============================================================== Please Note: I created these entries a few years ago when I was doing a lot of hiking and exploring. I have slowed down quite a bit lately, believe me, it is tough to get old! Most of the information will always be valid, but I’m sure some of the areas and information have changed over the years. Please consider my write-ups as “reference”, but I’m sure if you cover the ground that I have covered over the years, you will be as happy as I was. Get out and enjoy the outdoors, Tom 3-15-21 ===============================================================
I have created this website to help people become more familiar with what is available when wanting to enjoy the great outdoors. This site not only details many outdoor areas to enjoy, but it also helps you to become more comfortable with some of the tools and instruments currently available to help you feel more at ease while out and about. The main thing that has opened the world to me is the handheld GPS (not the car GPS), everyone should have one if they really want to get out and about. There are a few APPS on smartphones which take advantage of the phone's GPS chip, so you could use a smartphone if your really wanted to. One easy way to get use to using a GPS is by getting into the sport of “GEOCaching” (See GEOCaching - General Information). I am known in GEOCaching as "Frog Man" - if you want some tough caches, look me up!
I hope you find this website helpful.
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I also used some external websites to store additional data. Here are those links to my data pages -
• All my recorded hikes – click here => Wikiloc Hikes
• Summary hunting calendar of some of the major areas – click here => WMA Hunting Calendar

Note: In many of my documents I refer to GPS coordinates (coords). I highly recommend that if you are not a Google Earth user that you read these two entries on this website about Google Earth.
• How-To: Using Google Earth for Hiking – click here
• How-To: Using GPS Coords in Google Earth – click here

Table of Contents
Below is listing of all the pages which make up this website. To go to a page, just click on the name (or right-click to allow using tabs) and you will be linked to the detail data page.

Hiking Areas Documented (click to view)
Beachside EEL Sanctuaries (Coconut Point, Maritime Hammock, Barrier Island)
Buck Lake WMA
Bull Creek (Herky Huffman) WMA
Bulldozer Canal Area - St Johns River
Canaveral Marshes
Charles H. Bronson State Forest
Chuluota Wilderness Area
Cocoa Conservation Area
Econlockhatchee River Corridor – Hiking, Kayaking and Boating
Econ River Wilderness Area
Econlockhatchee Sandhill Conservation Area
Grant Flatwoods Sanctuary
Hal Scott Preserve
Indian River Lagoon Preserve State Park
Isle of Pine Preserve
Lake Lizzie Conservation Area
Little Big Econ WMA – Kilbee Tract – Brumley Road
Long Branch Preserve
Micco Scrub Sanctuary
Mills Creek Woodland/Florida Trail
Moccasin Island Tract/River Lakes Conservation Area
Orlando Wetlands
Pine Island Conservation Area/Sams House Trails
Pine Lily Preserve
Prairie Lakes Unit
Salt Lake WMA
Savage/Christmas Creek Preserve
Seminole Ranch Conservation Area
Seminole Ranch WMA
South Lake Conservation Area
St Johns River Area
Three Forks Marsh Conservation Area
T.M. Goodwin WMA - Broadmoor Marshes
Tosohatchee South Hiking - Off RT520
Tosohatchee WMA
Triple N Ranch WMA - Hiking from Rt192 Entrance
Triple N Ranch WMA - Crabgrass Road Access Areas
Wickham Park in Melbourne

Information Items/How To (click to view)
FWC Hunting Activity Calendar - Look Before You Hike!
Bull Creek Area Cemeteries
Florida Biting Bugs
GEOCaching - General Information
GPS Information: Track Points and The 500 Point Limit
GPS Units Explained By Me
How-To: Download GPS Tracks and Waypoints from WIKILOC
How-To: Using Computer Program to "Split" a Large Track File
How-To: Using Downloaded Tracks on the Trail
How-To: Using Google Earth for Hiking
How-To: Using GPS Coords in Google Earth
Hunting and Hiking
Information: Handheld GPS Units and Hiking
Irritating things in the Field
Items to Consider for a Dayhike
Moccasin Island Hunting Data
My Most Dangerous Thing - Tree Root Tripping
Personal Locator Devices (PLD)
Wet Area Hiking - Remedies/Lightweight Overboots

Miscellanous Items (click to view)
Favorite Spots - Hiking Areas
Florida’s “Wild” Cattle
Leave No Trace
My Favorite Tree - the Cypress
One Mean Water Moccasin
Positive Attitude
River Otter
Some of the Wildlife I Have Come Across In The Field
Some White Bird Pictures
St Johns River Indian Mounds - From RT46 to Below RT520
Viera Wetlands Wildflowers and Grass
Water Lilies

You can use the search box to search this website for information. Just enter the data you want to search for in the box and click on the “search” button. Any pages with a hit will be listed


Unknown said...

Hey Tom -- I come across your name whenever I check Google Earth right before uploading my own photos. I looked at some of your blog and pics -- thought you must be visiting the same places we do, but you visit many more! You must take some serious hikes. My husband and I take our RV to many of the FL state parks (wonderful!). Anyway, nice work! Enjoy your hikes and take lots more pics! Joanne Wilson, aka Jomarlin.

Anonymous said...

Great resource...thanks.

Jackie said...

Came across your name on Google Earth, which led me to your blog. Your blog is so full of great, interesting information and pictures. The Google Earth posts are insightful, as well. Thanks for checking out the trails before I do, and thanks for your blog! Just bookmarked it!

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